HC Deb 08 March 1886 vol 303 cc98-9
MR. O'KELLY (Roscommon, N.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether he will consider the advisability of disarming the Orange Lodges in Ireland in view of the speeches openly made by the Orange leaders?

MR. JOHNSTON (Belfast, S.)

Before the right hon. Gentleman answers the Question, perhaps he will be able to say whether he is aware that Lord Clarendon, then Liberal Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, took steps for the arming of the Orangemen of Dublin in the year 1848, in view of the action of certain disaffected Irishmen?


Might I also ask the right hon. Gentleman whether he is aware that the Orangemen generally use these arms for the shooting down of unarmed men?


I shall confine my reply to the Question on the Paper. I may say that the Government have no information rendering it necessary for them to consider at present the course suggested in the Question. If any such cases should arise, or be brought under my notice, I, of course, shall consider them.

MR. SEXTON (Sligo, S.)

I would ask the right hon. Gentleman whether he will consider, amongst other things, a speech made on Saturday last by the Rev. Dr. Kane, Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast, in which he said— He defied Mr. Gladstone and all his works; and if there were as many devils in Downing Street as there were Cabinet Ministers traitors to their Sovereign they would, God helping them, maintain the authority of the Crown and the integrity of the Empire.


Before answering that Question, it is best that I should see a more official report.