HC Deb 05 March 1886 vol 303 cc9-10

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether he is aware that the sum of £15,000 granted by Parliament for the remuneration of Poor Rate collectors in Ireland for extra duties imposed on them under the Representation of the People Act, 1884, and the Registration Act, 1885, has been found to be totally inadequate to pay for the work so done by these public servants; whether the Nenagh Board of Guardians were furnished by Collectors O'Brien and Carroll for balance of their bills for this service, which the guardians considered moderate, but had no power to pay out of the Rates; whether he will inquire into those two cases, which are but samples of others similar in the several unions throughout Ireland; and, whether a further sum will be provided adequate to pay off the balance that remains due on the fair claims of the Irish Poor Rate collectors for the faithful performance of imperative and onerous duties; or, if not, how is the balance to be discharged?


The officials named in the 11th section of the Registration (Ireland) Act, 1885, have been paid at the rate of about 3d. for each additional name placed on the registers in 1885—that is, the excess of the names in 1885 over those in 1884—subject to certain limitations. There is no doubt that in some cases, especially among the poor rate collectors, the officers were not sufficiently remunerated for the work done; but the poor rate collectors were required by the above-named Act to assist in carrying into effect the duties imposed upon the clerk of the Union, and the Local Government Board have advised Boards of Guardians that it is competent for them to make payments to the clerk of the Union, under the authority of the Parliamentary Voters Act, 1850, to enable him to pay poor rate collectors for assistance afforded in the preparation of the lists; and in this manner poor rate collectors in several Unions in Ireland have received additional remuneration when the Boards of Guardians considered that they had not been sufficiently paid from the Parliamentary grant. The Local Government Board is aware that the collectors in Nenagh have addressed the Board of Guardians on this subject, but has not seen the particulars of their claims. When the Boards of Guardians refer the matter to them they will advise them to the above effect.