HC Deb 05 March 1886 vol 303 cc11-2

asked the Secretary for Scotland, How it is intended that the grievances of the managers of the voluntary schools in Scotland shall be considered; and, whether the Order of Reference to the Royal Commission now inquiring into the operations of the English Education Acts may be enlarged, so as to admit of such grievances being received and considered by the Commissioners?


In answer to the hon. and gallant Member, I may say I am not prepared to assent to the statement that the managers of voluntary schools in Scotland suffer from any grievance, and the Department have received no statement bearing upon any such grievance. I have had some conversation with the hon. and gallant Gentleman, and I shall be glad to have more; but he will remember that the conversation did not go beyond the general structure of the Act. As I stated to the House last night, the Order of Reference to the Royal Commission is not likely to be extended, nor is it desirable that it should be extended, to Scotland.