HC Deb 04 March 1886 vol 302 c1875

asked the Vice President of the Committee of Council, How many schemes for the government of Christ's Hospital have been under the notice of the Charity Commissioners since the passing of the Endowed Schools Act of 1869; whether the progress of the existing scheme will be in any way suspended by the investigations of the Committee appointed to inquire into the working of the Endowed Schools Act; and, if he can state any approximate time when the scheme is likely to be brought under the notice of Parliament?


also asked the right hon. Gentleman, Whether, considering that schemes for the re-organisation of Christ's Hospital have been under consideration by the Charity Commissioners for more than ten years, he can in any way facilitate a final consideration, to be laid upon the Table of the House?


Sir, two schemes have been framed by the Governors of Christ's Hospital, one in 1870, the other in 1876. In 1880, the Charity Commissioners published their first scheme, which met with great opposition. In 1885, they published a revised scheme, which, after going through the prescribed stages, was signed by them last week, and will reach the Education Department in a few days. If approved, an appeal may be made to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, or a Petition may ask that it should be laid before Parliament. In either case, it would not reach this House till the end of June or the beginning of July. Some schemes now before the Education Department are kept back until the Select Committee have made their inquiry. As I have not yet seen the schemes, I cannot now say whether this course will be followed in regard to it.