HC Deb 01 March 1886 vol 302 cc1522-3

asked the Secretary of State for War, If Her Majesty's Government will make provision in the Estimates in the present year for an additional capitation grant to the Artillery Volunteers; for the substitution of 40-pounder rifled guns in position for old 32-pounders for batteries; for a certain number of 20-pounder field guns, with necessary equipments for Corps; and, also, for the substitution of Martini-Henry carbines for the old ones now in use?


As regards the capitation grant, I must refer the hon. Member to my recent reply to the hon. Member for Central Sheffield. The Artillery Volunteers have already in their possession 150 rifled muzzle-loading 64-pounders and 137 rifled breech-loading 40-pounders, besides having at their disposal for practice, &c, 77 additional 64-pounders and 14 additional 40-pounders. Every year as many guns of these classes as become available are issued to them in substitution for, or in addition to, the smooth-bore guns which they already have. Field guns are not issued to Artillery Volunteers. The store of Martini-Henry carbines is not such as will allow of their issue to Artillery Volunteers in substitution for the Snider carbines they now have in use.


gave Notice to call attention to the subject on going into Committee of Supply.