HC Deb 10 June 1886 vol 306 cc1294-5
MR. KIMBER (Wandsworth)

asked the honourable Member for North West Staffordshire, What causes or objections exist to the enjoyment of Richmond Park by riders of tricycles and bicycles, in common with other vehicles; and, whether he will be good enough to take such steps, in accordance with the requests which have been made to him, as may be necessary to procure permission of such enjoyment?


The First Commissioner has consulted His Royal Highness, the Ranger, on this subject. Any additional traffic, if it requires supervision, means additional expense, and very considerable expense would be incurred by necessary additions to the staff of constables now employed in Richmond Park, if meets or assemblies of cyclists were allowed. They would also seriously interfere with the enjoyment of the Park by other persons. If, however, all that is desired is that individual cyclists should be allowed the same privilege of passing through the Park that other carriages enjoy, the expense might be materially reduced, especially if Cyclist Clubs would render some assistance in enforcing the Regulations. If the First Commissioner received satisfactory evidence that a desire for such opportunities existed, he would undertake to prepare the necessary alterations of the Rules of the Park; but it should be clearly understood that if the Regulations were not observed the staff in the Park must be increased, or the privileges withdrawn.