HC Deb 10 June 1886 vol 306 cc1289-90

SELECT COMMITTEE—Report—Parliamentary Procedure [No. 186].

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—NAVY ESTIMATES.

PRIVATE BILL (by Order)—Withdrawn—Gravesend and Northfleet Docks and Railways.*

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution in Committee—Peterhead Harbour of Refuge [Expenses, &c.]

Resolution [June 4] reported—Ordered—East India Railways (Loans).

Resolution in Committee—Ordered—First Reading—Customs*[276].

Ordered—First Reading—Merchant Shipping (Fishing Boats) Acts Amendment* [274]; Glebe Lands (No. 2)* [275].

First Reading—Contagious Diseases (Animals)* [268]; Sea Fishing Boats (Scotland)* [270]; Patriotic Fund* [271].

Second Reading—Municipal Corporations (Scheme Confirmation)* [247]; Turnpike Roads (South Wales) [260].

Committee—Poor Law Loans and Relief (Scotland)* [252]—R.P.; Peterhead Harbour of Refuge (re-comm.)* [266]—R.P.; Tithe Rent-Charge (Extraordinary) Redemption (re-comm.) [264]—R.P.

Committee—Report—Medical Acts Amendment* [163]; Conveyancing (Scotland) Acts Amendment* [251]; Land Tax Commissioners' Names* [113].

Considered as amendedParliamentary Elections (Returning Officers) Act (1875) Amendment [241], debate adjourned.

With drawn—Railway and Canal Traffic* [138]; Sale and Purchase of Land (Ireland)* [193]; Public Parks and Works (Metropolis)* [227]; Burgh Police and Health (Scotland)* [194]; Quarries Regulation* [250]; Unclaimed Deposits* [77]; Assizes Relief* [257]; Owners of Dogs Liability* [258]; Rates (Dublin)* [21]; Poor Law Guardians (Ireland)* [5]; Oaths* [64]; Land Law (Ireland) Act (1881) Amendment* [1]; Parliamentary Franchise (Extension to Women)* [70]; Parliamentary Elections (Returning Officers' Expenses) (Ireland)* [8]; National School Teachers (Ireland)* [12]; Fairs and Markets (Tolls) (Ireland)* [36]; Solicitors' Annual Certificate Duty* [133]; Municipal Boundaries (Dublin)* [20]; County Government (Ireland)* [2]; Salmon Fisheries (Ireland)* [15]; Port and Harbour Authorities* [40].

PROVISIONAL ORDER BILLS—Ordered—First Reading—Local Government (No. 10)* [269].

First Reading—Elementary Education Confirmation (Birmingham)* [272]; Elementary Education Confirmation (London)* [273].

Report—Local Government (No. 3)* [223]; Local Government (No. 4)* [224]; Local Government (No. 5)* [237]; Local Government (Poor Law) (No. 7)* [236]; Local Government (County Divisions)* [225]; Local Government (Highways)* [235]; Local Government (Ireland) (Fermoy)* [226]; Local Government (Ireland) (Public Health Act)* [239].

Third Reading—Gas (No. 1)* [196], and passed.

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