HC Deb 03 June 1886 vol 306 cc837-8
MR. ISAACS (Newington, Walworth)

asked the honourable Member for North West Staffordshire, Whether the works suggested in the first paragraph on page 7 of the Report of the Select Committee on the Ventilation of the House, for the purpose of condensing the steam and cooling the water from the boilers now allowed to pass into the main sewer under the Houses of Parliament, at a high rate of temperature, will be carried into effect during the Whitsuntide recess, as urgently recommended by the Committee?


, in reply, said, that orders had been given for the carrying out of the works referred to during the Whitsuntide Recess; and it was hoped, if the Recess should not prove shorter than usual, that they would be finished before the House reassembled.

MR. F. S. POWELL (Wigan)

asked the Member for North West Staffordshire, What steps it is proposed to take with reference to the Reports of the Select Committee on the Ventilation of the House, in which it is stated that— The health of the Members of Parliament and of the officers who reside within the precincts of the Palace at Westminster is seriously imperilled by the defective drainage and sanitary arrangements which now eixst in the building, and particularly whether it is proposed that— The designing and superintendence of the works should be intrusted to an independent expert of the highest professional standing, in accordance with the recommendation of that Committee; and, whether it is intended to give immediate instructions for the designing of such works, in order that they may be completed without unnecessary delay?


The First Commissioner will give immediate attention to the important matters dealt with in the Reports of the Select Committee; but, the evidence not having yet been furnished to the Board of Works, it is impossible to give a final decision as to what steps ought to be taken. The House may rely upon it that no delay will take place in the consideration of the whole subject, and that no recommendation of the Committee will be overlooked. I shall hope to make a further communication to the House on the earliest possible opportunity.