HC Deb 03 June 1886 vol 306 cc834-5

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether, at a meeting of the Templeboy Branch of the National League, held on the 18th April, the Rev. Mr. Cosgrave presiding, the following Resolution was passed:— That we hereby disapprove of the action of certain traders in this parish who, though they live upon the custom of the 'majority' of the people, yet took part in an Orange and Sectarian meeting recently held in Sligo for the purpose of opposing and crying down any attempt of the Government to restore to our Country her legitimate rights to independent legislation, of which it had been unjustly and corruptly deprived; that we consider it the bounden duty of the people to mark their sense of such conduct by leaving those traders to live upon these who share with them in such 'loyal and patriotic' opinions; whether the meeting referred to was a meeting convened by the Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union for the purpose of maintaining the legislative union between Great Britain and Ireland, and, if for the offence of attending said meeting, four Protestant shopkeepers in county Sligo have been boycotted and their business ruined; and, whether the Government intend to institute any proceedings against the authors of the Resolution?


I am informed that the resolution referred to was passed as stated, and that the meeting to which it alluded was a meeting convened by the Loyal and Patriotic Union. Two shopkeepers have been "Boycotted" for attending the meeting; and I am also informed that two other shopkeepers, who did not attend the meeting, and who are themselves members of the League, have also been "Boycotted," though for what cause is not shown. Action of this kind is much to be deprecated; but I am advised that no legal offence is disclosed in the resolution. The police are, of course, on the watch to detect any overt act of intimidation.