HC Deb 26 February 1886 vol 302 cc1374-5

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, If the 245th General Order of the Irish Court of Bankruptcy, which provides that— Each Official Assignee shall account once at least in every six calendar months in every matter of bankruptcy or arrangement to which he shall have been nominated as aforesaid, and oftener if so directed by the Court, has been complied with by Mr. L. H. Deering, Official Assignee of said Court, since his appointment; if not, can any reason be assigned for its disobedience, and if its non-observance has ever been reported to the Court by the responsible officer of the Court, the Chief Registrar; and, has the said Mr. L. H. Deering ever transferred money from one estate account to another, or to his private account, known as "The Official Assignee's Account," on his separate and individual cheque or letter, addressed to the Accountant General of the Bank of Ireland; or lodged, paid, or transferred money, stock, or securities at any time in his capacity as Official Assignee otherwise than as provided by sec. 61 of 20 and 21 Vic. o. 60, and the 242nd and 243rd General Orders?


From an explanation furnished by the Official Assignee, there would appear to have been some laxity of practice in the matters referred to in the Question. The circumstances will be at once brought to the attention of a Committee which was appointed at the suggestion of the late Lord Chancellor of Ireland, and which is now sitting, to inquire into the regulations under which the duties of Official Assignees of the Court of Bankruptcy are performed, and to suggest any alterations which may appear to them desirable.