HC Deb 26 February 1886 vol 302 c1382

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether it is true, as stated in the public prints, that a baronet, whose name and address are given, has been allowed to act as "amateur hangman" at one or more recent executions; whether such a proceeding has been approved by the Home Office; and, whether remonstrances have been addressed to the parties responsible for carrying out the sentence of death in the case or cases in question?


In reply, I would remind my hon. Friend that the Home Office is not responsible for the carrying out of the sentence of death in any particular case. That duty rests with the High Sheriff of the county; but the Home Secretary has power by Statute to make provision for guarding against any abuse in the mode of carrying out executions. I have had no official correspondence as to the proceedings of the Baronet referred to; but, to guard against such abuses in the future, I have given instructions for the issue of a Circular to the High Sheriffs to the effect that no person shall be allowed to assist the hangman except on the personal approval of the High Sheriff.


asked whether the Government would offer a permanent situation to the person in question?

[No reply.]