HC Deb 26 February 1886 vol 302 c1371

asked the President of the beard of Trade, Whether there are any situations under the beard of Irish Lights filled by persons who have been in the service of the Royal Navy, and who have received therefrom a commutation allowance or pension on retirement; and, if he will grant a Return showing how many, what their ages are, and what is their present pay; why they left the Navy, what rank they held in the Navy, and what rank they hold now; under what circumstances, on what qualifications, and by what authority they were re-appointed to the public service; and, will they receive any further commutation allowance or pension on giving up their present appointments?


The Commissioners of Irish Lights inform me that there will be no difficulty on their part in preparing such a Return, though it will necessarily take time; if the hon. Member wishes to move for it, it can be given.