HC Deb 25 February 1886 vol 302 cc1224-5

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether his attention has been called to language used in the north of Ireland, on Monday last, by a Member of this House, the late Secretary of State for India, to the following effect:— In the north the great privileges you possess are worth defending, are worth demonstrating for, and, by Heaven, it may he they are worth fighting for. I do not myself fear that so heavy a trial could be put upon you, but I impress upon you to keep the organisation in perfect readiness; and, whether he intends to prosecute the author of these words under the same Act which has been put in force with regard to the London Socialists?


From no want of respect to the hon. Member who made the speech, but simply from want of time on my part, I have not properly read that speech so as to appreciate the whole of it. But the speech itself to which the hon. Member refers, and the language to which he objects, was not delivered in England; and, therefore, it is no part of my duty to consider its character in the aspect suggested by the Question.


I beg to give Notice that if no action is taken in this matter-by the Government, I shall take the earliest opportunity open to me to move a Resolution to the effect that this House particularly regrets and condemns the public employment, by a Member of this House who has held high Office under the Crown and who continues to hold the Office of a Privy Councillor, of language designed to intimidate this House, and to excite bodies of persons in Ireland to the use of arms, in defiance of the will of this House and in opposition to the authority of the Crown.


I beg to give Notice, with regard to the Notice of Motion just now given by the hon. Member for Sligo, that if it should appear on the Faper to-morrow I shall ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether he will afford a very early day for its discussion?