HC Deb 25 February 1886 vol 302 cc1188-9

The Motions I have to make are to alter the form of Standing Order 183A, in order to bring it into agreement with an altered condition of things. The Standing Order, as it now exists, requires that in every Bill which contains power to take dwellings occupied by the labouring classes, compulsorily or by agreement, clauses shall be inserted to prevent the promoters from taking them until they shall have obtained the approval of the Central Authority to a scheme affording equal accommodation to them. The Standing Order in the case of Scotland declares the "Central Authority" to be the Home Secretary. But a Secretary for Scotland has now been appointed, who has superseded the Home Secretary as Central Authority for Scotland; and the object of the alterations of the Standing Order, which I am about to propose, is simply to substitute the Secretary for Scotland for the Home Secretary as the Central Authority. I beg to move, in line 49 of the Standing Order, in the passage which defines the Central Authority to mean "as regards the Metropolis or Scotland the Secretary of State for the Home Department," after the word "Metropolis," to leave out "or Scotland."

Question, in Standing Order 183A, in line 49, after the word "Metropolis," to leave out the words "or Scotland," put, and agreed to.

THE CHAIRMAN OF WAYS AND MEANS (Mr. COURTNEY) moved, in line 50, after the word "Department," to insert the words "and as regards Scotland, the Secretary for Scotland."

Question, "That those words be there inserted," put, and agreed to.