HC Deb 31 August 1886 vol 308 cc874-5

asked the Postmaster General, Whether he will consider the possibility of allowing the use of the Continental system of making up book post parcels, which consists in enclosing them in ordinary envelopes, with the flap folded inside, and left unsecured by seal or gum?


In reply to the hon. Member I have to state that this question was fully considered a few months ago by my immediate Predecessor, Lord Wolverton, who came to the same conclusion as that previously arrived at by Mr. Fawcett on the same subject—namely, that the circumstances of the book post in this country are so different from those in foreign countries that no satisfactory comparison of the several regulations is possible, and that, upon the whole, it would not be expedient to alter the rules of the Post Office in the manner suggested. In France a considerable amount of fraud is found to be due to the particular sort of envelope used; and it would be impossible to carry out the proposed change without a large addition to the staff.