HC Deb 31 August 1886 vol 308 cc886-7

asked Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, If he will lay upon the Table of the House the Report of the Treasury Remembrancer on the Accounts of Mr. C. H. James, late Official Assignee of the Court of Bankruptcy in Ireland; whether the said late Official Assignee is being allowed percentages on sums found by the Treasury Remembrancer to be due by him in liquidation of his liability to the Court; and, if sums standing at the credit of estates of which Mr. C. H. James had charge, but not capable of being divided among the creditors of such estates, are transferred in globe to the credit of the Unclaimed Dividend Account, as provided by the statute; and, if not, how are the same applied or disposed of?


I have to thank the hon. Member for having postponed this Question at my request, and to express my regret that I am still unable to reply to the first part of it. The Report was addressed to the Bankruptcy Judges, and is not within the control of the Irish Government. I hope, however, to receive the original Report, or a copy of it, within this week, and on doing so I shall at once communicate with the hon. Member. As to the rest of his Question, I am informed that the late Official Assignee is not allowed percentages on sums found to be due by him. The only sums transferred to the credit of the Unclaimed Dividend Account are either unclaimed dividends, or, where there is a balance to the credit of an estate so small as not to bear the expenses of division, among the creditors.