HC Deb 20 August 1886 vol 308 c159
MR. NORRIS (Tower Hamlets, Limehouse)

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, What course the Government intend to take on the Report of the Committee on Procedure, and if they are prepared to recommend its adoption?


In reply to the hon. Gentleman's Question I would state, without wishing to commit the Government in such a manner as might embarrass them in the event of the occurrence of unforeseen eventualities, but subject always to that qualification, that it would be the desire of the Government to ask the House to proceed with vigour and energy, when it meets next Session, with the consideration of the reform of the Procedure of the House of Commons, as deliberated upon by the Committee of the last Parliament. With regard to the second portion of the Question, whether we are prepared to recommend the adoption of the Report, the Government, of course, will be quite prepared to offer that as a basis for the consideration of the House, and also to state their general approval of its conclusions. But probably, like all other Reports of Committees, it would be open to some improvements by the general sense of the House.