HC Deb 13 April 1886 vol 304 cc1438-9

Motion made, and Question proposed, That the Order of the Day relating to the Government of Ireland have precedence of the Notices of Motions and the other Orders of the Day."—(Mr. Gladstone.)


On this Motion I wish to make a further appeal to the right hon. Gentleman with respect to the Land Bill. I have made inquiry, and I find that it will cause great inconvenience to many hon. Members who are largely interested in the subject if the introduction of that Bill is postponed until Monday. The right hon. Gentleman, as we know, intended to introduce the measure on Thursday; and I venture, even after his answer yesterday, to express a hope that by making a similar Motion to that he has now made he may be able to introduce the Bill on Friday. I need scarcely assure the right hon. Gentleman that there would be no desire on our part to prolong the discussion, and the probable result of introducing it on Friday would be that the debate would be completed that night, and Her Majesty's Government would be able to make progress with the Crofters Bill and other Business to which they attach importance on Monday. I hope, therefore, the right hon. Gentleman will reconsider his decision, and endeavour to meet what I believe to be the general wish of the House.


Perhaps I may say, with respect to the intention to move for leave to introduce the Land Bill on Thursday, I proposed that in the expectation that the debate on the Government of Ireland would have closed on Monday, and that I should have the present week for the purpose of preparing myself and putting myself in a position of accuracy on the difficult points of a very difficult measure. The real truth is that we are put under extreme pressure, and I cannot say it will enable me to prepare my statement as well as I should wish otherwise to do; but if it be for the convenience of the House I will endeavour to accede to the request.

Question put, and agreed to.

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