HC Deb 22 May 1885 vol 298 cc1145-6

asked the President of the Board of Trade, Whether there are any situations, under the Harbour Department of the Board of Trade in Dublin, filled by persons who have been in the Royal Navy, and who have received there from a commutation allowance or pension; if so, how many; why they left the Navy; what their ages are; what rank they held in the Navy and what rank they hold now; on what qualifications and by what authority they were re-appointed to the public service; and will they receive any commutation allowance or pension on giving up their present appointments?


not being in his place, the following M.S.S. reply was read to the House for him:— There are two appointments under the Marine Department (not Harbour Department) of the Board of Trade in Dublin filled by persons who have been in the Royal Navy. One holds his appointment direct from the Board of Trade, and is in receipt of retired pay; the other is appointed by the Local Marine Board for duties connected with the mercantile marine, and has commuted his retired pay. In the first-named case the officer retired in 1873 at his own request, being then a Staff commander. He is at present 61 years of age, and holds the appointment of principal officer at Dublin. He was specially appointed in 1875 by the then President of the Board of Trade as one of the inspectors to detain unseaworthy ships. He will be entitled to pension, subject to the regulations applicable to naval officers holding civil appointments. In the second case the officer was in 1877 placed on the retired list as physically unfit for service, he being at that time a navigating lieutenant. He is now 41 years of age, and has since 1878 held the appointment of superintendent of the mercantile marine office at Dublin, examiner for certificates of masters and mates, and secretary to the Local Marine Board. He was appointed by the Local Marine Board in 1878 after advertisement, and his appointment was recognized by the Board of Trade after he had passed a satisfactory technical examination. He is regarded as entitled to pension.