HC Deb 18 May 1885 vol 298 cc709-10

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty, Whether the appointment of Director of Greenwich Hospital, announced in the newspapers, is a new office; if so, will ho state the emoluments thereof, and whether the same will be chargeable to Greenwich Hospital Funds; whether there will be any increased charge on those funds consequent on such appointment and the retirement of any officer at present holding the same or an equivalent appointment; and, whether the arrangements connected with these funds are under the control of the Treasury, and the accounts subjected to the supervision of the Exchequer and Audit Office?


(who replied) said: Yes; the appointment of Director of Greenwich Hospital is a new office, the emoluments thereof consisting of a salary of £1,000 a-year, chargeable to Greenwich Hospital Funds. The office and the salary are fixed under the recommendations of a recent Departmental Committee. There will be no permanent increase in the cost of management; but, on the contrary, considerable reduction will be effected. Mr. Loveless, who has hitherto held the office of Superintendent of the Greenwich Hospital branch in the Admiralty, has been retired. He has been granted the ordinary pension to which he is entitled in respect of the length of his service, with the same gratuity as was sanctioned be Parliament and the Treasury for clerks of his class who were retired in 1878 and 1879. We have thought it right to recognize by a grant of £300 the special claim which Mr. Loveless has as an officer on the old establishment of Greenwich Hospital, of which he is the last. Mr. Loveless has rendered 40 years of excellent service to Greenwich Hospital, and has been identified with all the important reforms in the management of the charity during this period. The management of Greenwich Hospital Funds is by Act of Parliament vested in the Admiralty, and is not under the control of the Treasury. The accounts are audited by the Exchequer and Audit Department in the same manner as all other Admiralty accounts. I may add that the whole cost of the management of this important Charity is only 21 per cent of its revenues.