HC Deb 15 May 1885 vol 298 cc632-3

In reply to Mr. BIRKBECK,


stated that he was glad to say that he thought they had at last arrived at a satisfactory settlement of the somewhat difficult question of trawlers' lights. The fact was that various bodies of smack owners had from time to time made alternative suggestions for the use of a distinctive light for smack owners and trawlers, and some months ago the Board of Trade sanctioned one of these proposals in the shape of what was known as the duplex lantern. That lantern had now been legalized, and would continue a legal light. The sailing smack owners, or a considerable proportion of them, had expressed preference for a white light at the masthead, together with the use of a flare, and the Board of Trade had come to the conclusion that it would be their duty to recommend that this light also should be sanctioned upon certain conditions, which, he was glad to say, had been mutually agreed to.