HC Deb 08 May 1885 vol 298 cc31-2

I beg to ask the right hon. Gentleman a Question with regard to which there is some interest felt—namely, Whether he is prepared to give us any information as to the Whitsuntide holidays?


I have already consulted with my noble Friend (Lord Richard Grosvenor); and we have arrived at the conclusion that, if agreeable to the House, the best way would be to continue the Evening Sittings of the House as usual until the Thursday before Whit Sunday, and take a Morning Sitting on Friday, the 22nd, when the adjournment would be moved to the Thursday week following. [Cries of "Oh!" and "Fortnight!"] I may now state also that it has not been possible to print and get out the Customs and Inland Revenue Bill, and that it will not be in the hands of Members until the beginning of next week—we hope Monday. We cannot, therefore, expect the House to take it on Thursday, and consequently we will postpone it from Thursday; and I hope my right hon. Friend will be in his place on Mon- day to make the proper arrangements for bringing it on. With respect to Thursday, we propose to introduce a Resolution necessary as the foundation for the Bill for making the usual provision in conformity with precedent for Her Royal Highness the Princess Beatrice on the happy occasion of her marriage. After that subject is disposed of—and probably it will not take a long time—my learned Friend the Lord Advocate will ask leave to introduce a Crofters Bill for Scotland, which is a question of great importance.