HC Deb 04 May 1885 vol 297 c1498

asked the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Whether a serious outbreak of pleuro-pneumonia has occurred in Ross, one hundred and fifty cattle having been slaughtered at Fearn, involving a loss of £2,800?


The Local Authority of Ross have informed the Privy Council that pleuro-pneumonia exists at Fearn. We have not yet received the Inspector's Return, but a telegram received from the Clerk of Supply states that one animal was slaughtered by the owner; that two more were attacked; and that to-day the slaughter of the whole herd, numbering 135, has been ordered. The compensation will be calculated on the legal basis—full value for healthy animals, and three-quarter value for diseased animals—in neither cases fancy prices being given.

In reply to Mr. ACKERS,


said, it was extremely doubtful whether foot-and-mouth disease had broken out in Yorkshire. That was the Report of the Inspector sent down; but there would be further inquiry.