HC Deb 01 May 1885 vol 297 cc1419-21

, in moving, as an Amendment, to leave out Column 4, "Amount of Rent paid," said, the term in question was a very confusing term, because the lodgings were to be of the value of £10 unfurnished. The people who got the forms would be puzzled to know whether the phrase to which he referred meant with or without furniture. He and his hon. Friends were puzzled to know how to fill up the form, and that fact was sufficient to show that many other people would experience the same difficulty. He would, therefore, propose that the column be struck out.

Amendment proposed, in Part 3, Form No. 31, to leave out Column 4,"Amount of Rent paid."—(Mr. Healy.)

Question proposed, "That the Column proposed to be left out stand part of the Form."


said, he could not agree now to the striking out of the column. Perhaps the hon. and learned Gentleman would reserve the point until Report.


said, he had no bigotry about this Form at all. The lodger franchise had been retained, in addition to all the other franchises now created. There must be some column in the Form, the filling up of which would enable anybody to ascertain the value of the lodgings in respect of which a man claimed to be registered. If this column were struck out, how was a person to find out that the figure of £10 was reached? There certainly should be something to indicate the value of the lodgings.


thought that instead of a column, "Amount of Rent paid," it would be better to have one, "Are your rooms above the value of" so much? The present column was mere surplusage, because no man would fill up the Form, unless he considered the value of his rooms was over £10. The point was this—that in the City of Dublin people were in the habit of taking rooms and furnishing them themselves. There were also, as a matter of course, furnished lodgings, and therefore a distinction ought to be made between furnished and unfurnished rooms, and this column did not make any distinction between them. Perhaps the difficulty would be met if the word "furnished" were put in.


said, he would point out that there was one column, "Description of Rooms occupied, and whether furnished or not."


said, he would agree to the postponement of the Amendment.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

Original Question put, and agreed to.

On the Motion of Mr. FINDLATER (for Mr. T. A. DICKSON), the following Amendment made:—At end insert the following Schedule:—

(Schedule B.)

NOTICE of OBJECTION to be given to PARTIES objected to by any PERSON other than the CLERK of the PEACE or CLERK of the UNION, or POOR KATE COLLECTOR.

Polling district of

To Mr., of

Take notice that I object to your name [in the notice to the tenant, instead of the words "your name," insert the name of the person objected to] being retained on the list for this polling district of voters for the county of [or borough of], and I ground ray objection on the column of the register headed— Christian name and surname of each person on the register; Or on the column headed-— Place of abode; Or on the column headed— Nature of qualification; Or on the column headed— Amount of qualification or rating; Or on the column headed— Townland or other denomination, street, lane, or other like place in this polling district, &c. Dated this day of one thousand eight hundred and Signed A.B., of [place of abode], being now registered [or] on the register of voters r list of voters [as the case may be] for the county of [or borough of].

Bill reported, as amended; to be considered upon Monday next, and to be printed. [Bill 150.]