HC Deb 31 March 1885 vol 296 c1098

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether, in reply to a memorial from the Town Commissioners of Longford, asking to have Longford made head-quarters for a Cavalry regiment, he stated that, owing to Departmental arrangements, this could not be done at that time, but that Longford should continue to be the head-quarters of the County Militia, and also a station for a troop of Cavalry and for Infantry; and, whether it is now proposed to take away the Militia from Longford this year during the period for training, thereby leading to the consequence that the wives and families depending on these men, who are, for the most part, drawn from the labouring classes, may be thrown upon the local rates or on public and private charities for support?


I must refer the hon. Member to my reply on the 24th of November last, in which I stated that the General Officer commanding in Ireland had no occasion, under present circumstances, for Cavalry at Longford. The stations of troops must depend upon military necessities. The Militia battalions are trained by turns at the Curragh camp; and this year the turn falls to the Longford Militia battalion, now known as the 6th Battalion Rifle Brigade. Its headquarters remain at Longford for ordinary purposes.