HC Deb 30 March 1885 vol 296 cc971-2

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether the following cases have been submitted to the Irish Local Government Board; that in the Poor Law election for the division of Drumfin (Sligo Union) six votes were tendered and received in the name of Mr. Charles O'Hara of Annamore, although Mr. O'Hara is at present away from home, and his voting papers were not forthcoming when called for by the police, and were not delivered to the police, as is required by law; that objection has been taken to claims to dual occupation votes in the Tyholland division of the Monaghan Union, such claims being made by persons whose rents have been lowered by the Sub-Commission below the Government valuation of their holdings, and who submit that appeals lodged by the landlord do not affect their right to have the judicial rents regarded as the actual rents unless and until the judgment of the Sub-Commission be reversed; and, what is the decision of the Local Government Board in those cases?


No decision has yet been arrived at with regard to the first case referred to in this Question, which is under consideration. As regards the second case, the Local Government Board are advised that if the order of the Land Court fixing the rent was made before the statement of claim to vote was lodged, the voter is entitled to the additional votes, although no actual payment of the reduced rent has been made; and also that an appeal against the order of the Court fixing the rent does not affect the right of the claimant to vote in respect of the beneficial interest referred to.