HC Deb 26 March 1885 vol 296 c669

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, What was the amount of the engineer's estimate for Malin Head Pier, county Donegal; how has money been provided; what is the amount for which the work has been taken by the contractor to do the work according to the plans and estimates of the engineer of the Board of Works; if it be the fact that there has been a difference, involving a saving of £2,000 between the estimate and the contract; and, if so, will the proportion of this sum, which has been granted out of the Sea Fisheries Fund, be restored to that fund to enable other works of pressing necessity to be undertaken; and, when will the Malin Head Pier works be commenced, and within what time is the contractor bound to complete them?


The gross estimate for Malin Head Pier, County Donegal, was £10,000, of which £9,500 was for works. Towards this £7,700 was provided by grant and £2,000 by loan from the Sea Fisheries Fund, while £300 has been contributed locally. A tender has been accepted at £7,763, subject to certain conditions. All savings on such works will, when realized, be returned to the credit of the Sea Fisheries Fund. The contractor is bound to commence the works in 21 days after executing the deed, and to complete them within 18 months. I learn by telegram that the deed was executed on the 24th instant.