HC Deb 26 March 1885 vol 296 c648

Message from Her Majesty brought up, and read by Mr. Speaker (all the Members being uncovered), as followeth:— VICTORIA R. The present state of public affairs and the extent of the demands on the Military Forces of Her Majesty for the protection of the interests of the Empire, having constituted in the opinion of Her Majesty a case of great emergency within the meaning of the Acts of Parliament in that behalf, Her Majesty deems it proper to provide additional means for the Military Service; and, therefore, in pursuance of those Acts, Her Majesty has thought it right to communicate to the Souse of Commons that Her Majesty is about to cause Her Reserve Force and Her Militia Reserve Force, or such part thereof, as Her Majesty shall from time to time think necessary, to be called out for permanent service. V.R. 26th March 1885.

Ordered, That Her Majesty's Most Gracious Message be taken into Consideration upon Monday next.

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