HC Deb 26 March 1885 vol 296 cc660-1

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether there have been two elections to fill the position of Petty Sessions clerk at Templemore; whether the first election was annulled as illegal, in consequence of Mr. Boyton, the successful candidate, having entered into a written agreement with the magistrates who elected him to provide an assistant; whether Mr. Boyton is also Petty Sessions clerk of Thurles district, and has the Lord Lieutenant complied with the terms of the "Act to regulate the office of clerk of Petty Sessions in Ireland," 21 and 22 Vic. s. 6, by uniting the districts of Thurles and Templemore for the purpose of being served by one Petty Sessions clerk, and what is the date of the order; whether the Town Commissioners of Templemore had sent a protest to the Lord Lieutenant against the fitness of Mr. Boyton, on the ground that it would be great public inconvenience not to have the Petty Sessions clerk of an important district dwelling within its boundaries, and that the former requirement that he should provide an assistant, as well as his having made application for an assistant or an increase of salary in consequence of heavy work in the Thurles district, was evidence of his inability to fulfil the duties of the position; whether, notwithstanding, Mr. Boyton was elected, and his appointment ratified by the Lord Lieutenant; and, whether any steps will be taken to disunite the districts mentioned, and have competent officers appointed for each?


The Lord Lieutenant has made no order amalgamating the Petty Sessions districts of Thurles and Templemore; but he has approved of Mr. Boyton acting as clerk at both places and on conditions that will insure that no public inconvenience shall arise. Such an arrangement is not uncommon, and it is adopted whenever practicable with the view of securing the services of good men for these posts.