HC Deb 23 March 1885 vol 296 cc222-3

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, What is the amount of the estimate by the engineer of the Irish Board of Works for the pier at Easky (county Sligo), and for the pier at Aughris (county Sligo); has the work been given to a contractor; and, if so, for what amount in each case; when are the works to be commenced; and what time, if any, is fixed for their completion; will copies of the plans and specifications in detail be furnished to the county surveyor of Sligo; what is the cause of the delay in proceeding with the Pullendiva (county Sligo) Pier and Harbour improvement works, for which the Fishery Commissioners recommended a grant of £2,600, and for which the Board of Works furnished plans and specifications so long ago as the 22nd of July last year; whether, in constructing the existing works, the Board used concrete in situ instead of concrete blocks, as stated in the specification, and what difference this made in the outlay, whether the Government are aware that, in the present condition of the works, boats cannot be hauled up or beached, nor can they lie inside, and that it is sometimes very dangerous to attempt to land at the steps; and, what will be done to make the works of practical use to the fishing population?


The estimate for the work at Easky was £4,000, and the contract has been let for £3,553; the corresponding figures for Aughris are £2,000 and £1,898 respectively. The contractors are under bonds to commence the works during the present month, and complete them by November 1 and October 1 next respectively. Plans and specifications will be furnished to the county surveyor, should the Grand Jury so require. As regards Pullendiva, the hon. Member is under a misapprehension, no final recommendation having yet been received from the Fishery Piers and Harbour Commissioners; and, meanwhile, nothing can be done.