HC Deb 17 March 1885 vol 295 c1434

asked the Lord Advocate, Whether it is the intention of Government, before the Seats Bill comes into force, to introduce a Bill amending the Corrupt Practices Act, 1883, c. 51, with reference to groups of burghs in Scotland with varying numbers, populations, and distances from each other, providing in each burgh for (1) the candidate's personal expenses; (2) expenses of printing, advertising, publishing, and issuing and distributing circulars; (3) expenses of stationery, messages, postages, and telegrams; (4) expense of holding public meetings, and paying for committee rooms and other official expenses; and (5) for paying agents, sub-agents, and other necessary officials?


When the Corrupt Practices Act was passed in the Session before last it was understood by the Government that the provisions applicable to groups of burghs met with the full assent of the burgh Representatives from Scotland. If I rightly apprehend the Question, the suggestion of the hon. Member is that the scale of expenditure fixed by the Act should be increased in no less than five directions. I have not as yet seen any evidence that the statutory scale is inadequate. I shall, however, be glad to confer with the hon. Member and other hon. Members representing groups of burghs on the subject.