HC Deb 10 March 1885 vol 295 c617

asked the Secretary of State for War, If any further attempts have been made by Lord Wolseley to verify the conflicting accounts of the manner of General Gordon's death, or to ascertain what became of his body; and, if it would not be possible to communicate with the Mahdi for the purpose of obtaining information?


in reply, said, that Lord Wolseley was fully aware of the great anxiety felt in this country to obtain particulars as to the fate of General Gordon; and he would, of course, use every possible means in his power to obtain such information. Under these circumstances, he did not think there would be any advantage in suggesting to Lord Wolseley any particular mode of operation for the purpose.


asked, whether the noble Marquess was aware that any other steps had been taken by Lord Wolseley than those published some time ago? Accounts were given by persons who had returned from Khartoum; but those accounts differed very much.


said, it was impossible to verify the conflicting accounts given by Natives who had returned from Khartoum. He was not aware of what steps had been taken by Lord Wolseley since those accounts were received; but, as he had stated, Lord Wolseley knew perfectly well the anxiety felt in this country in the matter, and would do all that was possible to get information.