HC Deb 06 March 1885 vol 295 cc293-5

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, If he will afford him facilities for bringing on his Motion for a Select Committee on Irish Manufacturing and Productive Industries, now standing on the Paper for Tuesday 10th March, and the appointment of which was promised by the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in the Autumn Session, when the matter was fully discussed in debate?


I am unable to give any facilities to the hon. Member until after the Parliamentary Elections (Redistribution) Bill has passed. I am not aware that at the present moment there is any very particular necessity for departing from the usual course in order to give the hon. Member an opportunity of testing the opinions of the House upon the Motion he has obtained. He will have, doubtless, opportunities of availing himself of the facilities given him by the Ballot. I perfectly understand the feeling of the hon. Member on the subject, and shall be happy to see what can be more particularly done should he address me a Question on the subject later on. What we propose on Monday is to begin with the Supplemental Army Estimates in Supply. The remainder of the Civil Service Estimates will be taken after the Army Estimates, if time permits; but, at any rate, we shall not continue Supply beyond 11 o'clock, in order that we may then bring on the Motion of the Under Secretary of State for India with respect to the Indian troops.


I should like to understand whether the Vote of Credit will be brought on before the Budget. Another Question I might ask is, when we may expect the communication with regard to the arrangements for the final administration of Egypt?


I think it may be taken for granted that the Vote of Credit will be taken before the Budget; but I do not think it is likely either of them will be taken before Easter, owing to the great pressure upon the time of the House. I am not able to name a day when the arrangements in regard to Egyptian finance will be before the House. I am bound to say that the House and right hon. Gentlemen opposite who put Questions on the subject at a very early date have exercised very great patience. I make that admission freely; and I certainly had not the smallest expectation at the end of November, when Questions were put on the subject, that so long a time would be occupied in the settlement. The House is aware that we are dependent upon others, whom we have no right to call to account by reason of the despatch or slowness of their proceedings; but I feel confident that when Papers are submitted to the House they will show that there has been no slackness or delay on the part of the Government. However, if the delay should continue much longer, I must admit it may become a question whether we should not depart from the usual rule, and produce Papers even without the consent of others concerned.


asked if the Supplementary Estimates were to be the first Order on Monday, which included a sum of about £100,000 for the proposed railway? He would like to know whether they would have by Monday morning the promised Papers for the Suakin-Berber Railway?


said, he could not tell whether Papers would be in the hands of Members before Monday; but he would see whether it could be done. He was not aware that any Paper had been promised, except that containing the arrangement entered into with Messrs. Lucas and Aird.


inquired whether the Supplementary Votes with respect to the railway works would be postponed, if the Papers were not produced on Monday?


said, he thought the sums required for the construction of the railway were included in the Supplementary Estimates, and he did not think it would be possible to separate them.