HC Deb 05 March 1885 vol 295 c112

asked the Under Secretary of State for India, Whether Sir Peter Lumsden, feeling aggrieved at the position in which he was placed, tendered his resignation to Her Majesty's Government; whether he has since received such assurances of support as have induced him cordially to consent to continue his duties; and, whether the Ameer of Affghanistan, after having expressed alarm, has been reassured as to the intentions of Her Majesty's Government to maintain and support the integrity of his territories?


I stated on Tuesday the instructions which had been given to Sir Peter Lumsden and the advice by him tendered to the Afghan authorities; but I must decline to answer the Question which the hon. Member, under a misapprehension as to what has passed, has asked as to the alleged resignation of Sir Peter Lumsden. There is no reason to doubt that the Ameer, after the assurances he has received, reposes perfect confidence in Her Majesty's Government, and his approaching visit to India is the best evidence of it.