HC Deb 05 March 1885 vol 295 c224

MR. GEORGE RUSSELL moved— That a Select Committee be appointed to consider the Law relating to the control over Telephone, Telegraph, and other Wires, and that the Committee do consist of Sir ALEXANDER GORDON, Sir JAMES M'GAREL-HOGG, Mr. TORRENS, Sir HENRY TYLER, Mr. GRAY, Mr. FIRTH, Mr. THOMAS DICKSON, Mr. TOTTENHAM, and Mr. GEORGE RUSSELL, with power to send for persons, papers, and records; Three to be the quorum.


said, he did not object at all to the appointment of the Committee; but he would like to understand what it was that the wording of the Order of Reference exactly covered. The words were— To consider the Law relating to the control over Telephone, Telegraph, and other Wires. And it might be presumed that they referred to the existence of overhead wires. He hoped, however, that they were sufficiently wide to enable the Committee to investigate the whole subject in a complete manner. He would suggest that after the word "over" the words "way leaves" should be in serted.


said, he was very glad that the Government were proposing the appointment of this Committee, for the matter was one which was of very great interest to his constituents.


said, it had been especially desired to make the Order of Reference as wide as possible, and the word "overhead" had not been used in order that there might be no risk of excluding underground wires from consideration. He was inclined to think that the hon. Gentleman (Mr. Gray) need not press any Amendment, for the whole question of telephone and telegraph wires would be considered by the Committee.


said, he was quite content with, that assurance.

Motion agreed to.