HC Deb 03 March 1885 vol 294 c1911

asked, Whether, as the Government had taken to-morrow for the Parliamentary Elections (Redistribution) Bill, the Prime Minister would afford an opportunity, as soon as that Bill was through, to bring on his Redistribution Bill—the Leasehold Enfranchisement Bill? Both were very similar measures, and his stood first; but in case of the Government not doing what he proposed, would the Government take charge of the Bill themselves?


I am really sorry, Sir, that my hon. Friend and his Bill should suffer from the pressure of the Parliamentary Elections (Redistribution) Bill, which undoubtedly is a matter of great inconvenience to many Members of the House. We do not doubt that, and we regret it very much; but it would not tend to mitigate the evil if I were to make any arbitrary exceptions; and I am afraid I have no option but to decline to make any engagement contingent upon the getting through with the Parliamentary Elections (Redistribution) Bill.