HC Deb 03 March 1885 vol 294 cc1904-5

asked the Secretary of State for War, What steps have been taken by Her Majesty's Government to send reinforcements and supplies, more especially supplies of clothing, boots, and ammunition, to the forces under Lord Wolseley; and, whether Her Majesty's Government have taken into consideration the serious consequences of leaving our troops during the hot season on the Upper Nile?


As regards men, Lord Wolseley has intimated that he will require reinforcements in the autumn, and steps will be taken to meet his requirements. As regards supplies of all kinds, the Army on the Nile draws upon the reserve stores at Cairo, which are replenished from home. The reserve at Cairo is very large, and the supplies are ample to meet any demand likely to be made from the front. The transport for these supplies is a matter of arrangement for the General in command, and I have no reason to suppose it is insufficient. Special arrangements are being made to increase the means of transport, so as to meet the additional strain which will be thrown upon it when the reinforcements and supplies for the Autumn Campaign are being sent to the front. Her Majesty's Government are fully alive to the possible serious consequences of leaving the troops during the hot season on the Upper Nile.


asked whether there was any intention of prolonging the Nile railway for the purpose of supplies?


Lord Wolseley has made some proposal on the subject; but as he has only just sent home his demand in that direction, no decision has yet been come to.