HC Deb 02 March 1885 vol 294 cc1767-8

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If the attention of the Irish Government has been called to an incident at the Kilrush, county Clare, Quarter Sessions, on the 2nd January last, as follows: In the case of The Queen v. Ryan (for larceny) the Defendant pleaded "not guilty." The long panel was called and a jury empanelled, case tried, and jury discharged on disagreement. Immediately after, the County Court Judge resumed the cases of action in Civil Bill Court, when a litigated case of O'Brien v. M'Grath was called on. One of the witnesses for Defendant was John Griffin, of Querrin, a farmer, and one of the jurors who served in the case of The Queen v. Ryan. Immediately after he gave his evidence in the civil case the County Court Judge, addressing him, said "Come now, tell me, were you not a juror in Ryan's case, just tried;" Answer: "I was, Sir; "Judge:" Were you for convicting or acquitting him;" Answer: "I was for letting him free;" if, in questioning a juror with regard to what transpired in the jury room, Mr. Kelly did not exceed his right; if it is not a fact that, upon at least one previous occasion, the Lords Justices have called upon Mr. Kelly for an explanation of his conduct as Judge; and, if in this instance similar inquiry will be made, in order to stop a dangerous and unconstitutional proceeding?


I understand the Lords Justices have communicated with the County Court Judge in reference to this Question, and that a letter has been received from him in reply, but I have not yet learned what view is taken of the matter. Perhaps the hon. Member will kindly repeat the Question on Thursday next.