HC Deb 02 March 1885 vol 294 cc1750-1

asked the Surveyor General of Ordnance, How many 110- ton guns have the Government ordered; when are they to be delivered; what is the price per gun; what is the weight of the projectile; what is the weight of powder charge, and what description of gunpowder is to be used; what is the estimated muzzle velocity; and, what is the expected maximum powder pressure with the above charge and projectile?


Three 110-ton guns have been ordered. One is to be delivered in October next, another in January, and the third in April, 1886. The price per gun is £19,500; the weight of the projectile is 1,800 1bs.; the charge is 900 1bs. of cocoa powder; the muzzle velocity is 2,020 feet per second; the maximum powder pressure is 17 tons per square inch. It must be understood that the velocity and pressure are only estimated, although they are based on the experience gained with the Italian guns.