HC Deb 24 July 1885 vol 299 cc1786-7

I should like to ask the right hon. Gentleman the Chancellor of the Exchequer, What is to be the course of Business next week? And I should like, in conjunction with that Question, to press upon the attention of the Government the desirability of placing the Criminal Law Amendment Bill on the Paper on a very early day. The House is very much advanced now in Supply for this time of the year, and, therefore, I should hope it will be possible to fix an early day for a Bill in which the House takes so great an interest.


We should certainly desire to fix as early a day as possible for the consideration of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill; but it is extremely difficult for us, looking at the exigencies of Supply, to fix any particular day with the certainty of being able to keep the promise. We have not been so fortunate in making progress in Supply during the last few days as we had expected; and looking to the state of the Notice Paper I am afraid it is somewhat doubtful whether we shall make any progress in that direction this evening. There are still many Votes of a contentious character to be taken, and we do think it essential to the convenience of the House that Supply should be pushed forward as rapidly as possible before we attempt to deal with the Criminal Law Amendment Bill. What I ventured to state to the House the other day was that we should endeavour to conclude Supply by Tuesday or Wednesday next at the latest; that then a debate of a few hours might be taken on the Telegraph Laws Amendment Bill; and that then we should commence to deal with the Criminal Law Amendment Bill, and proceed with it until it was completed. With respect to the Business for next week, Monday has been promised for the Army Estimates, and we shall hope to be able to take the Queen's Colleges Vote as the first Vote on Tuesday; but if I might venture to ask for some concession in return from hon. Members opposite, who I notice have several Motions on the Paper, I would hope that they would be merciful to us to-night.