HC Deb 27 February 1885 vol 294 cc1601-2

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether he has observed that Mr. Cusack, of Drangan, county Tipperary, has been sentenced to imprisonment, under the Prevention of Crime Act, for reading out, as secretary of the local branch of the Irish National League, the following resolution:— That, as land-grabbers are in our midst, we propose to hold no communication or dealings with them; whether the evidence of the police was that the resolution was handed to Mr. Cusack as secretary, according to the ordinary routine, by the gentleman who proposed it; and, upon what principle one officer of the branch was selected for punishment, while other officers and members were not summoned?


The hon. Member has been misinformed if he would imply that Cusack was the only person summoned on this occasion, the fact being that four other members of this branch of the National League were included in the charge. The evidence showed that Cusack not only read out, but that he drafted and called on members present to propose and second two resolutions; the first being— Resolved that we condemn land-grabbing, and that we condemn the O'Briens of Coolquil, for taking a farm which was surrendered by Mr. Chadwick for being rack-rented; and the second— Resolved that, as land-grabbers are in our midst, we propose to hold no communication or dealing with them. Cusack, and the proposer and seconder of each resolution, were accordingly summoned; and the Bench convicted Cusack and the proposer and seconder of the second resolution.


Has the right hon. Gentleman read the report of the evidence; and is he aware that what he has now said is entirely at variance with the facts as reported in the papers? I beg to give Notice that I will call attention to this matter at the earliest opportunity.


asked, whether the right hon. Gentleman thought the-communication with land-grabbers would be increased by such prosecutions as these?

[No reply.]