HC Deb 27 February 1885 vol 294 cc1606-7

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether the Despatch of the 5th February from Lord Wolseley to Sir E. Thompson, in which he says he "awaits decision of Government to give further orders," is in answer to a Despatch from the Secretary of State for War; and, whether he would have any objection to giving the Despatch to which it is an answer?


The telegram from Lord Wolseley to which the hon. Member refers was in reply to a telegram from the War Office. So long as our troops were at Gubat and Abu Klea, military considerations rendered it inexpedient to give that despatch, or the first part of Lord Wolseley's reply. Those considerations have now ceased, and I have no objection to give the message which was sent from the War Office, and a further portion of Lord Wolseley's reply. The message sent from the War Office was whether Lord Wolseley's communications between Gubat and Korti were quite secure against any advance of the Mahdi? On the same day Lord Wolseley replied— The dangerous part of our communications is between Abu Klea and Gubat, distance 25 miles. I have ordered all wounded to be removed as soon as possible from Abu Klea and Gubat. I only await decision of Government to give further orders. It would be inexpedient even at present to state the remainder of the message.