HC Deb 23 February 1885 vol 294 c1045

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether any, and, if so, how much, Railway material was, in 1884, sent from this Country to Suakin for the construction of a Railway from that port to Berber; at what date it arrived; is any of it available for the construction of the Railway which has now been ordered to be proceeded with; and, if not, what became of it?


Materials for four and a-half miles of 18-inch gauge railway and for 1,100 yards of metre-gauge railway were sent from this country to Suakin, which they reached on the 25th of July and within a few days afterwards. They included some rolling-stock for the smaller line, and two locomotives for the metre-gauge line. The rails have all been used in the construction of an 18-inch railway leading inland, with branches to the wharves and depôts. The light railway was laid for the purpose of facilitating the construction of a main line to Berber, if subsequently determined on. The two metre-gauge engines belonged to the Bengal and North-Western Railway, and were hired for six months, with the option of purchase, having been intercepted on their way to India. They have now proceeded to their original destination at the expiration of the term of hiring.

In reply to Mr. CARBUTT,


said, that it was not intended to carry on the 18-inch gauge line in the direction of Berber.