HC Deb 22 April 1885 vol 297 cc391-2

May I ask the right hon. Baronet opposite whether he can tell us what the arrangements will be now as regards the Business of the House? We have to consider the Registration of Voters Bill to-day, and we shall be glad to know what Business will be taken to-morrow and on Friday? I should be glad, at the same time, to be allowed to take this opportunity of expressing my regret that I was not in the House when the Redistribution Bill was finally passed through Committee. I should have liked to express my high sense of the great ability, tact, and good humour with which the right hon. Baronet the President of the Local Government Board has conducted the measure in its progress through the House. I should be glad also to know whether it is probable that any other Papers will be presented to us besides what we have already before we consider the Vote of Credit on Monday next?


I have to thank the right hon. Gentleman for the kindness with which he has referred to my own exertions in connection with the Redistribution of Seats Bill. Having done so, I have to say that it is not in my power to state whether any further Papers can be presented before the Vote of Credit; but I will communicate with my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister on the subject in the course of the afternoon. With reference to the course of Business, it is intended to take Supply first to-morrow—the Civil Service Estimates. A doubt was expressed, however, last night as to whether it would not be desirable to report Progress at 10 or 11 o'clock, and to continue the discussion on the next stages of the Scotch and Irish Registration Bills. That depends upon the progress made to-day, and on the feeling expressed by the Committee on the subject. It is also proposed to continue these Bills on Friday, on the Motion that the Speaker do leave the Chair, but probably not with the intention of going on with the discussion of the clauses of these Bills in Committee. My right hon. and learned Friend the Lord Advocate does not propose to take the clauses of the Scotch Bills this week, in order that the people of Scotland may have time to consider them. Probably the same course will be taken with regard to the Irish measure.


asked when the Corporate Property Bill would be proceeded with?


said, he could not state when it would be possible to go on with it. He saw no prospect of going on with it for some time.


said, he understood that the Redistribution of Seats Bill was to be put down for Monday for its Report stage. It had not been circulated as reprinted.


said, the Bill would be circulated to-day. It would be put down for Monday, but he did not see much chance of the Redistribution of Seats Bill being proceeded with on that day. Perhaps it might be proceeded with on Tuesday or Wednesday.