HC Deb 20 April 1885 vol 297 c158

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether the Government propose during the present Session to introduce any Bills for the purpose of establishing a Representative Municipal Government in London; of carrying into effect the Report of the City Guilds Commission; and of taking steps either by supporting the amendments to the Water Bill now before Parliament, or otherwise to prevent the vested interests of the London Water Companies being increased by two millions sterling by reason of the now assessments shortly to come into force?


said, that before the right hon. Gentleman replied, he would ask whether he was aware that the Water Companies' charges were not based upon the poor rate assessment at all; and whether the hypothetical two millions alluded to were merely the product of the hon. Member for Chelsea's vigorous imagination?


also asked the Home Secretary if he was aware that the figures in the Question were founded upon a misconception?


I can hardly answer the Questions which have been addressed to me, nor can I give any definite statement with reference to these Bills. As my hon. Friend is aware, a temporary measure dealing with corporate property is already before the House. With reference to the other and larger measures, I am not in a position at present to state what steps will be taken.