HC Deb 13 April 1885 vol 296 c1467

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, If he can state the number of persons requesting to be excused serving the office of Sheriff at the last appointment; and, whether, in view of charging part of the cost of public prosecution on the owners of one description of property, the Government will consider the propriety of either making the office optional, like the office of Mayor, or else of paying the cost out of the "Crown's Nominee Account," as would appear to be the original intention?


In reply to the first Question of the hon. Baronet, which my right hon. Friend has asked me to answer, I have to say that 33 persons out of 147 nominees at the last appointment requested to be excused serving the office of Sheriff. Of these, 13 founded their request on the ground of insufficient income. I cannot at the present time undertake on behalf of the Government to consider proposals either to make the office optional or to pay its expenses from any public fund.