HC Deb 10 April 1885 vol 296 c1302

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty, If he will be good enough to inform the House of the names, tonnage, coal endurance, speed, and terms upon which the Government have engaged the America, Oregon, and other merchant steamers as transport cruisers; whether they are intended to be utilised as ordinary transports, un-armoured cruisers, or in both services; if they are to be manned by seamen of the Coastguard and Naval Reserves; if he will state the calibre, description, and penetrating power of the guns with which they are to be fitted; and, whether the decks and machinery are to be protected with shell-proof sheathing?


I regret that I am obliged to give the same answer to this as to a previous Question. I cannot, consistently with the interest of the Public Service, give any reply.


I would like to ask, whether it is not already well known that the Admiralty have hired a certain number of vessels at specified rates for six months?

[No reply.]