HC Deb 31 October 1884 vol 293 cc657-8

asked the Postmaster General, If it is the fact that no benefit accrues to any town or district in Monaghan by the acceleration of the mails from England, and why no provision has been made for extending the benefit to this portion of the Country?


said, the hon. Gentleman was under some misapprehension in supposing that there was no acceleration to Monaghan. For instance, take the town of Monaghan. The day mails arrived there at 12.15 now instead of at 1.30, and at Glasslough they arrived at 12.40 instead of at 1.40.


remarked that the Postmaster General had only mentioned one town and a village; and he wished to point out that, except in regard to them, the entire county had practically not the smallest benefit from the acceleration of these mails.