HC Deb 30 October 1884 vol 293 c525

asked the Civil Lord of the Admiralty, If he can inform the House whether the breech-piece of the 43-ton gun for the Conqueror and Colossus has yet been finally approved for service; and, also, whether the loading arrangements for that gun have been settled, and the mechanism required ordered to be made; and, within what time the guns and loading gear for those ships will be ready for use, and the ships complete for commission?


The breech-piece or breech-screw was approved as part of the original design for the 43-ton gun. But a change of the obturator has been recommended by the War Office, and has rendered necessary a modification of this mechanism, which is expected to be ready for the Conqueror and Colossus in three months. The loading arrangements for the Conqueror are nearly finished, and those for the Colossus are ordered, and expected from the manufacturers in two months. The guns and gear will, it is hoped, be ready for the Conqueror within one month of delivery of the breech mechanism, and for the Colossus within two months of delivery of all work ordered from the manufacturers. Should these anticipasions be fulfilled, the armament for the Conqueror should be ready in four months, and for the Colossus in five months from the present time.