HC Deb 30 October 1884 vol 293 c520

asked Mr. Solicitor General for Ireland, Whether it is a fact that Mr. Robert Henry Dunne, of Brittas, in the Queen's County, uncle and guardian of the Dunnes (minors), sat at Petty Sessions in July last, at Clonaslee, and adjudicated in a claim respecting turbary on the estate of the said minors; whether J. Kenny, tenant on the said estate, got a fair rent fixed in the Land Court, no mention being made of turbary; whether the said tenant has always been of right accustomed, and unchallenged, to cut turf on the bog adjoining his holding for at least thirty-five years; whether Mr. Dunne now denies the right of the said tenant to cut turf on the bog in question, and whether, sitting as magistrate at Petty Sessions, he gave judgment against Kenny respecting the said bog, telling him in Court that he (Kenny) had no claim to any portion of the bog except what he (Dunne) himself gave or might give him; and, whether, if upon inquiry the above allegations prove correct, he will bring the matter to the notice of the Lord Chancellor?


It is the fact that J. Kenny got a fair rent fixed in the Land Court, no mention being made of the turbary. He paid a distinct rent for the bog. His right to cut turf is disputed. On the information before me it would appear that Mr. Dunne only adjudicated in a case in which one tenant named Davis sued Kenny, another tenant, for trespass on the bog of Davis, to which, in the opinion of the magistrate, Kenny had no legal claim.